1- Does WDC Networks rent for final clients?

Yes, since there is an integrator associated. In these cases we can commission the integrator in a monthly basis. And the entire project of this type always needs to have the final client’s credit pre-approved.

2- At the end of the agreement, can the client remain with the product?

No, it is not possible, because in this case the agreement becomes a leasing and we can not do it. However, in our agreement model there is also a depreciation table, which serves as an indicator of what to do at its end.

3- When the WDC rents to a final client, can WDC add the integrator service?

No, because we end up being responsible for the service quality and execution, what we indicate is that a separate installation and maintenance service provision agreement is made, between the final client and the integrator.

4- In the case of problems with the product, due to natural damages (such as lightings) our misuse, what is the procedure?

The client needs to buy a new product to replace it in the case a misuse is verified. During the rental agreement validity period, the malfunctioning products replacement, not caused by misuse or bad weather, is made without costs by WDC.

5- Can we rent a product outside our portfolio?

In theory we can, but first it is necessary to check if we will be competitive, if the manufacturer assures the supply conditions so that he have how to grant the same warranty as our products have to our clients.

6- Is it possible to rent the infrastructure?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to rent cables, connectors, etc. Products like these are considered as “consumable” and not reused after the end of the agreement.


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