Dicolor designs and manufactures many types of LED displays, each one compliant with the demands from different markets and usage situations, whether for external or mobile marketing internal events, sports events or traffic signals.

Shenzhen Dicolor Optoelectronics was founded in 2006 with a share capital of 50,000,000 RMB (8.2 million dollars). Equipped with the most advanced automatic machines and well-equipped devices for the production of LED displays that can support our monthly production capacity up to 10,000 square meters.

Always concentrated in the improvement and innovation of the quality of color LED displays. The P&D team occupies 14% of all employees. They have continuously developed several new products to meet the demands of the market and we have achieved a great performance regarding our wireless LED traffic signaling. The products not only meet the customers needs for project application, but also are manufactured according the electronic criteria required by the European market.



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