WDC Networks is the FIBERHOME Authorized Distributor in Brazil. They have a trained team to serve the resales, regional distributors, integrators and Internet providers, in addition of a technical support for projects.

FiberHome Technologies is a manufacturer or FTTH products and DWDM solutions and the entire line of optical fiber cables. They are the largest technology company directly affiliated to the Government of China, and  FiberHome Technologies headquarters is located in Wuhan – Optic Valley of China.

FiberHome Technologies was founded in 1974. It They were the first company to develop the Optical Fiber technology in Asia and currently is one of the largest patent holders in this area, characterizing as being an innovative company and developer of products for most Asian operators.

Through the continuous and intense development in more then 40 years, the business scope has been increased, and they currently have Research & Development, manufacturing, marketing and sales, engineering and services in four large sectors:

  • optical fiber communications (FTTH,DWDM,etc.)
  • data network communications ,
  • wireless communications and smart applications


In addition,  FiberHome Technologies is the exclusive worldwide supplier of end-to-end solutions with optoelectronic devices, optical fiber and cables, and the optical communication systems.

FiberHome Technologies is also known as the cradle of fiber-optic technology in China.

In the 21 century, FiberHome Technologies intends to be one of the main suppliers of solutions in the entire world in the field of information and telecommunications technology, with the continuous innovation and the unwavering challenging spirit.

The partnership with WDC Networks started in 2012 to meet the Brazilian market, customizing products, enabling the local industrialization and assuring the quality of the technical requirements that the ISP (Internet service providers) and telecommunication operators need. Currently, WDC Networks is the official Fiberhome distributor in Brazil.




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