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IDEMIA is a French multinational company specialized in segurity and identity solutions, including face recognition systems and other bimetric identification services. 

Manufaturer of Augmented Identity solutions and devices for a inceasingly digital world. Today, information travels fast through digital space, challeging limits and breaking ordinaly security codes. Idemia aims to provide end-to-end solutions that allows convenience and a frictionless experience when and where security is important.

Count on WDC Networks and IDEMIA to uncomplicate your life.

WDC, with over 15 years experience in the technology market and distribution, in partnership with IDEMIA.


Morpho Wave Compact is a more compact and advanced version of MorphoWave Tower. It is 86% smaller and 93% lighter, allowing to do the same large fingerprint scanning volume with its field-proven performance. MorphoWave Compact takes four fingers in 3D for maximum accuracy, with one pass of the hand over the sensor. This ergonomic touchless solution enables unmatched combination of security, convenience and throughput. MorphoWave Compact’s reduced size also comes with a very competitive cost of ownership, an IP65 rating and a rich feature set that includes time & attendance functions. Thanks to this solution, organizations can now ensure a frictionless access experience everywhere to authorized users… with a simple wave of their hand.

Our portfolio:
  • MorphoWave Compact

Soluções para Gravação

To protect their premises, organizations need access control solutions that provide a high level of security but not to the detriment of employees’ experience, which requires ease and speed of use. Bearing those key constraints in mind, IDEMIA involved partners and end-users in the development of VisionPass, the ultimate face recognition device for access control. In this product, IDEMIA associated its latest advances in Artificial Intelligence and facial recognition algorithms with a state-of-the-art optical set combining 2D, 3D and infra-red cameras in order to meet the expectations of the most demanding clients.

Our portfolio:
  • VisionPass

MorphoAccess SIGMA Lite Series

For many organizations, the main applications are access control registering time and attendance data. They are implemented in a wide range of work environments, and usually, in small space. IDEMIA helps organizations to overcome such challenges offering the MorphoAccess SIGMA Lite series. This extra thin but powerful fingerprint identification terminals offers higher performance levels with algorythms consistently rated as No. 1 by NIST 1.

Our portfolio:
  • MorphoAccess SIGMA Lite Series


For a wide variety of organizations, biometrics is efficient to identify employees and visitors. IDEMIA’s products line of biometric terminals for access control and time & attendance can be managed seamlessly from a centralized platform: MorphoManager.
This application can administrate a maximum of 5,000 terminals and it can enroll fingerprint (contact or contactless acquisition), finger vein/print and facial recognition templates for up to 100,000 users, as well as encode contactless smartcards.


Our portfolio:
  • MorphoManager

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