Founded in 1996, TP-Link has become one of the worldwide leaders in supplying of SOHO and SMB network products, offering innovating solutions and awarded in the market. As the number 1 supplier of WLAN products, a TP-Link supplies to more than 120 countries, serving tens of thousands of consumers around the world.

TP-Link is a company completely committed with the development of their products, services and relationships with the consumer through extensive Research & Development, strict practices of Quality Control and effective policies of global reach.  Consumer loyalty through interaction, focus, and feedback are measures that help foster a culture around TP-Link, as well as the commitment to be achieved and the dedication to innovate.

With these efforts, the TP-Link global achievements in the market have achieved both recognition and respect, proving their level of quality and increasing commitment. TP-Link continues to develop awarded products, offering a range of network solutions, which consists of Routers, Adapters, Cameras, Switches, among other Wired and Wireless products both for residential and office use.

Thought technological advances and creativity, TP-Link continues their growth, incessantly striving to achieve their goal of being among the 3 largest suppliers around the world. While there is continuity in the development in their market share, TP-Link will not stop promoting opportunities of future advances through the connectivity and innovation world.



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