Our sales teams are currently remote working in São Paulo, Brazil, due to the pandemic, but we are doing business as usual.

With over 45 years of experience, the Dutch company Victron Energy enjoys an unrivaled reputation for technical innovation, reliability and equipment quality.

Our products are regarded around the world as the professional choice for energy independence. Prepared for off-grid and hybrid markets; in residential, commercial and industrial areas; automotive (motorhomes) and marine, among others, in addition to having the largest warranty in the market, Victron has a well-established network of distributors on a global scale.

Our product range includes the entire line of equipment for solar energy systems, such as inverters/chargers, charge controllers, batteries, auto transformers, converters, transfer switches, battery chargers, among many other products and accessories for your installations. Our flexible approach to support, as well as our commitment to the customer, contributes to our becoming the market leader for highly reliable and durable solutions in energy storage worldwide.

Count on WDC Networks and Victron to uncomplicate your life.

WDC, with more than 15 years experience in the technology and distribution market, in partnership with Victron.

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