Our sales teams are currently remote working in São Paulo, Brazil, due to the pandemic, but we are doing business as usual.

YAMAHA Corporation is a Japanese manufacturer of a wide range of products in many and diversified areas.

Founded in 1887, started manufacturing musical instruments such as pianos and organs. The origin as manufacturer of musical instruments continues to reflect till today, as the biggest name in this industry worldwide. As time passes by, the company applied knowledge of metallurgy technologies to manufacture motorcycles and continued to increase the production of new types of musical instruments, furnitures, electric home appliances, IT products, industrial robots and professional audio and video equipments.

In partnership with WDC Networks, the company sells high performance audiovisual solutions such as digital mixer, sound speakers, home theaters, and other appliances. Get to know the professional audio and video solutions with quality warranted by YAMAHA.

Count on WDC Networks and Yamaha to uncomplicate your life.

WDC, with over 15 years experience in technology market and distribution, in partnership with Yamaha, the main brand in audiovisual solutions and sound mixers worldwide.

Digital Mixers

Get to know versatile solutions for sound equalization, with the highest performance and modernity in mixing tables. One of the biggest audio brands worldwide.

Our portfolio:
  • Rivage PM7
  • CL Series
  • QL Series
  • TF Series

Home Theater and Background Sound

The sound transmission is, without any doubt, one of the best qualities of a Home Theater. The products are carefully planned to enhance the spectator’s auditive experience, and each speaker has its function as part of this experimentation.

Our portfolio:
  • Receivers
  • Sound Speakers
  • Soundbars
  • Multiroom

Corporate Audio

Count on equipments with quality sound to assure good performance for corporate activities that require sound capacity features. Presentations, lectures or corporate communications transmitted through company radios or professional audio systems.

Our portfolio:
  • Sound Speakers

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