We state here to all our customers, employees and suppliers our values and principles that govern us and our work philosophy.

1 – Our business commitment

2 – Our values

3 – Principles of Conduct and Social Responsibility




WDC NETWORKS has as commitment t be a company established according the standards and rules in force in the country in which we operate, following and respecting the legislation in full. We understand that the business success is translated in growth in sales, profit for the shareholders and in the search for our customers, employees and suppliers satisfaction.
The company has the commitment with the society of generating wealth acting in the segments in which they choose to operate, seeking for leadership, but believing that perennial institutions can not pursue success at any cost, and that the principles of ethics and social responsibility help create a sustainable environment.
We believe in innovation, creativity, quantity in the service as a differential and we state that the ends do not always justify the means. We want to win and grow, but keeping the credibility of our organization. We always seek for the improvement in our services and products quality, the organization efficiency, and in the quality of life of our shareholders, suppliers, collaborators and family seeking the satisfaction of our customers.
We hope with that to act with all transparency and thus promote the well-being of everyone.



WDC NETWORKS understands that our values are our beliefs, that is, they are our criteria that guide us in making decisions. They are:
1. Always seek to do good. Promote the Health and Well-being of our collaborators, pay them a fair salary for the work and not to wish or promote the bad to anyone.
2. Always be a legal company in all senses. Respect the laws, be friendly in the service and respect the diversity of thought, value the human being, independently from the color, social condition, age, religion.
3. Seek the performance and productivity
. We believe the constant improvement
, making more with less resources.
4. We believe that innovation is an instrument of competitiveness.
5. Meritocracy is fundamental, and we seek to award those who highlight and promote the company’s growth.



We believe that the business ethics is not negotiable, and we instruct the company’s collaborators to follow our values. The world needs entities that have responsibility to the society, the country, and to the environment, so that we can leave a legacy of quality for the future generations.
The behavior of each individual at our company needs to be aligned with these principles, but it does not imply that our code of ethics work as a behavioral manual or strict rules; our interest is that this code serves as an auxiliary instrument in the professional and personal growth of each collaborator.
Our purpose is to built a company that is increasingly successful, more profitable and growth, and that this result is part of the development of the environment where we operate, the society where we live, and that we help to preserve the environment so that our families to have a better future.
Our ethical principles:

A. Honesty and Integrity
In our vision, we prefer to have honest and righteous people in our organization than technical geniuses that have no character.
The company motivates that all the relationships, whether internal or external, are based on truthful facts and information so that there is no misinterpretation by either party.
We motivate that the commercial proposals always have information that can be fulfilled, to construct trust.

B. Promotion of Human Development
The company is worried, as far as possible, with the health and well-being of all its stakeholders (shareholders, employees, suppliers and customers) beyond the community in general.
The company seeks to keep the work environment under ideal conditions and following the safety and hygiene conditions, in compliance with the regulations of each city where they are established.
We we repudiate child labor or the exploitation of work, under any circumstances.
Our organization does not restrict, nor inhibit the collaborators to have total access to unions, associations and respects the collective agreements of the category.
We support and implement the feeding and young apprentice programs where it is appropriate.
We believe that offering a complimentary health care plan to the employees and their family is a way to develop the well-being and thus to promote the human growth for everyone.
Every activity that might collaborate with the growth of their stakeholders are evaluated and implemented as far as possible, such as education assistance, labor gymnastics, trainings and motivation to sports practice.

C. Sustainability
The company has a branch of activity with low environmental impact, by the nature of the operation, but we are still committed to respecting and encouraging environmental protection as a way to guarantee our children a future.
We respect the environmental rules applicable to our activity, and we always seek to go beyond the minimum required.

We mention as examples of this commitment:
• Industrial unit Ilhéus built respecting the mangrove
• Collection of pluvial water for reuse
• Own sewage treatment system before disposing it
• Use of solar and wind energy for external lighting at unit Ilhéus
• Internal lighting 100% with low-consumption and environmental impact LED technology
• Sponsorship of batteries collection boxes in the city of Ilhéus and region
• Selective trash collection in all the units

The community in our vicinity is also one of our concerns; we support the local APAE and São Vicente de Paulo Shelter. We motivate social and environmental activities, and we regularly have a mutual aid group for plastic and PET bottles collection at Ilhéus beaches, involving the employees and the population.
D. Seek for Excellence
Our organization believes that one of the success and growth factor is the constant search for performance and increasing the productivity in everything we do.
We are ISO9001 certified, and we believe that our constant quality improvement processes is essential in generating value.
Innovation at the company is motivated in all the areas. The company keeps Research & Development programs, linked to governmental motivation organizations, such as INOVATEC, annually investing a percentage of the income in these laboratories.


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