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Technology As A Service Frequently Asked Questions

1- WDC Networks rents for end customers?

Yes, since there is an associate integrator. In such cases, we can comission the integrator on a monthly basis. And the whole project of this kind must have the credit of end customer approved in advance.


2- At the contract termination, the customer can keep the product?

No, it is not possible, because in this case, the contract becomes leasing and we cannot make this way. However, in our contract template there is a depreciation table that can be used as index to see what to do at the end.


3- When WDC rents to a end customer, WDC can add the service of the integrator?

No, because in such case, we become responsible for the quality of service execution, and we recommend to make a service provision agreement for installation and maintenance separately, between the end customer and the integrator.


4- How do you proceed in case of problems with the product, due to natural damages (such as lightining) or improper use?

The customer may purchade a new product to replace it when an improper use is verified. During the period while the rental agreement remains in effect, the product replacement due to failures, not caused by improper use or weather conditions is done without cost by WDC.


5- Can we rent a product that is not included in the lineup list?

Theoretically, yes. But it is necessary to check in advance if we are competitive, and if the manufacturers ensure the supply conditions to allow us to give the same warranties to the customer, as for our products.


6- Is it possible to rent the infrastructure?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to rent cables, connectors, etc. Such products are considered as “consummables” and not reusable after the agreement termination,