Our sales teams are currently remote working in São Paulo, Brazil, due to the pandemic, but we are doing business as usual.

WDC Networks Warranty Policy

WDC gives instructions and offers Support and Warranty for customers and products supplied by our company and affiliates.



Every product has its term of warranty ruled by the manufacturer’s policy. As standard, we consider the warranty term from the date of sales invoice, issued by WDC to the WDC customer.

Depending on WDC business modality and type of operation of the customer, this term can be extended.

Types of WDC customers/modality x warranty term:

  • For Integrators and Service Providers, in sales modality, the warranty term remains according to the manufacturer’s policy, unless at the moment of sale, an extended warranty agreement is added. The procedure to send to Warranty or repair is instructed by our CS, according to the manufacturer’s warranty policy.
  • For Integrators and service providers, in TaaS – Technology As A Service  modality, the warranty term runs according to rental agreement. The procedure to send to warranty or repair, is always direct with WDC. Our CS forwards fiscal instructions and address.
  • For Resellers and Distributors, where only the sales modality can be applied, there is an addition of 3 months to the manufacturer’s warranty term. The procedure to send to Warranty or repair is instructed by our CS, according to the manufacturer’s warranty policy.

Please refer to the Warranty Certificate attached to every product, to check the warranty term!



WDC is a distributor for diverse products manufacturers. We depend on each one of them to approve product replacements, as well as for international shipment of products or components for repair. The replacement term for product in warranty is as shorter as possible, but many times there are delays for releasing products at customs, and it may delay the process to finish.



For all products that have failures, contact our technical support. More than 70% cases are solved remotely, or may be solved without sending products.

To access our support, visit our webpage: http://www.wdcnet.com.br/suporte-tecnico-wdc/

After this first filter, if it is really necessary to send the product, our support will instruct the procedured to:


1-  Open S.O. for products of a Manufacturer that under contract, WDC is obliged to provide service to the customer.


2- Instruct Repair procedure and Warranty of manufacturers that provide service directly.


After sending the required information, our CS:

1- Check the products warranty;

2- Issue SO by registering products covered by warranty

3- Inform which fiscal procedure is indicated to each type of customer, as well as the address to send. It may vary according to product type or manufacturer.

4- If products that are not under warranty may be repaired, our CS offers the repair service under payment, opning a SO, separately, offering to the customer the option to pay for repair.


These steps must be followed, in order to make the fulfillment time as shorter as possible, and to prevent fiscal problems, waste and loss!

When sending authorized but unregistered productos, the Support and Warranty department will refuse them.

Sending unregistered products with authorized causes fiscal pendency, and then, delay to solve.

Our warranty has “store counter” pattern. Therefore, the products must be sent with freight paid by the customer. We return repaired or replaced products with freight paid by us.

Note: This condition may be changed for rental contracts or extended warranty.


Sending products must be immediately, upon receiving the S,O. number and procedures, in order to be able to receive them within 30 days. After this term, the Service Order No expires and we will not accept the shipment. Caution to not lose warranty due to shipment delay.

Product replacement or repair in warranty are a right assured to the customer, but we notice that in some cases, due to import lead time that may vary for each manufacturer, may delay the finish for both types.



Products shipped for repair/replacement must be packaged in order to assure their physical integrity, and allow to check the Serial Number and/or MacAddress. For products with cracks and/or broken, the warranty is immediately void.

For products with ETHERNET port or burnt power plug, as result of electric discharge, the warranty is also immediately void.

For products without serial/MAC label, or with label erasure or illegible, warranty is immediately void.



Due to legislation in force, we cannot accept products without tax invoice or presenting issuing errors under penalty of being subject of surveillance;

It is important that the customer company knows about tax law requirements, before shipping products to our warehouse, and to follow step by step the instructions sent by our CS.

Being aware that, depending on type of fiscal operation (CFOP), the customer company must collaborate with exchange or forwarding symbolic tax invoices for accounting closing, which also is of utmost importance.

As priorly informed, there are procedures for each type or manufacturer and commercial modality. These procedures may differ for:

  • CFOP, fiscal operation type;
  • Delivery address

It is very important to have a copy of tax invoice on the outside of package to easily identify the merchandise. Materials shipped without copy of DANFE on outside of the package may be returned at the moment of delivery. Please take due care for this detail.

It is necessary sending the XML file of issued NF-e to  nfe@wdcnet.com.br.  If RMA is received without XML, the customer has 48 hours to send it. If we not receive within the requested term, RMA and its equivalent equipments will be returned immediately, and closed without technical assessment.